EVERYONE - Respect the guests of the hotel by keeping the outside noise down and the hallway doors closed. It is your responsibility to supply your own condoms as well as other sexual supplies (Towels, Rubber gloves, Vibrators, Dildos and Lubricants).

PLEASE Clean up used Condoms and Condom wrappers.

EVERYONE - Come dressed to impress. Be sure you're showered and clean before an event.

EVERYONE - If you are not interested in someone, be straight with them and just tell them you are not interested. Most people feel that this will hurt the other persons feelings, but it hurts worse when you are just ignored. Only do what you feel comfortable doing.

EVERYONE - No means no. If someone says no thank you, then just leave it at that. Just because other members are getting busy doesn't mean you can just include yourself in the activity. Find out first if more participants are welcomed.

EVERYONE - Please smoke in the designated areas provided by the hotel.

GUYS - DO ask if your partner prefers condoms. If she does please, simply comply.

No Drama- Of any kind will be tolerated; if one of the members is disrespected (male or female), verbally or otherwise, you will be asked to leave.

DRUGS - Are NOT allowed on the premises of any event this club hosts. If you are caught you will be banned from this club.



  • We are primarily for couples. However, singles are welcome to attend and there is a limit on each event of single men allowed. 
  • Single ladies are highly respected in the MP4AF. Stalking or harassment of single ladies is never permitted and, if excessive, can result in temporary or permanent suspension of a couple's membership. 
  • MP4AF does not release a guest's private information to other guests; nor does MP4AF sell guest information. To contact a MP4AF guest, you will need to ask the guest directly at a MP4AF Event.
  • We reserve the right to refuse anyone from entering the club based on overall appearance and demeanor. 
  • Baggy pants, sweat pants, gym/athletic attire and shorts are NOT permitted during evening ballroom/ dance event. We want members to be dressed in a casual dress attire or better; for example dresses, slacks, nice jeans, collared shirts, dressy t-shirts and/or skirts. Sexy club attire is always welcomed from the ladies.
  • At our events, it’s always a 100% no pressure atmosphere where “no” means “no” with no explanations necessary.  There is never any pressure to participate in any way! We ask that you respect this decision. 
  • Please locate a staff member if you are having trouble and let them handle the situation.
  • You must be 21 years of age to attend our events.Whether you are a man or a woman, please ask for the consent of others before touching.
  • Please respect the MP4AF venue at all times by keeping it clean and picking up after yourself. If you have an accident, please clean it up, and/or notify staff to help you.
  • All guests should respect the dignity of others. No rude conduct toward guests or staff will be permitted.
  • If you enter a play area, and are not playing, we kindly ask that you whisper or do not talk at all.
  • Please do not invade the personal space of others while they are playing. If there is a doubt, please ask them if they would like your company.
  • MP4AF has a no-tolerance policy for drugs or prostitution. 
  • NO guns or knives of any kind are allowed, including pocket knives.
  • No cameras, cell phone cameras or recording devices are permitted for use.
  • Overly intoxicated guests will be asked to leave the party area or will be denied entrance.
  • Promoting competing events (paid or free) at MP4AF or on the MP4AF network may result in membership suspension.