Support Karlos in his time of Need

Karlos you and your family are in our prayer's


 To everyone who may not yet have heard the news,  our dear friend and security team member, Karlos, lost his mother Lena Guess Isaac this past Saturday, May 25. 

Lena Celebration of Life was June 1st.

As it saddens our hearts to have any of our friends in pain and grief, we would like to help ease a difficult time for Karlos and his family.

In the past year Karlos has lost 2 other close family member's, it goes with out saying the heartache of lost loved ones leave us feeling that a part of ourselves has moved on as well.

If you would like to donate, just click on the Gofundme donate button and donate whatever you can. The button is located at the bottom of this page

If you would like to help and would feel better doing it in person we will be taking a collection at our next party, June 22nd at Lucky Lou’s in Charlotte, NC.  Karlos will be there and we are looking forward to do what we can to show him our gratitude, love, and support, please join us! 


Family is everything



They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it.

For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity.

Death cannot kill what never dies.

You are not Alone



In one sense there is no death.

The life of a soul on earth lasts beyond departure.

You will always feel that life touching yours, that voice speaking to you.

He/She lives on in your life and in the lives of all others that knew him/her.